Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific contacts (subscribers) when they opt in, purchase something, performed other activities. With Email Marketing you can use the sequential emails as a stand alone, or when creating a Funnel.

You should know the basics of creating an email template.

To create an email sequence, click on Email Marketing from the admin screen. Hover over Emails and select Email Sequences. Click the Create New Sequence button, or on the green Create Your First Email Sequence button in the middle of the page if it’s the first time you are creating a sequence.

 Start adding emails into the sequence by clicking Add a Sequence Email.

Everything works almost the same as for any other email, except the scheduling part. You can schedule the delay for minutes, days, weeks, and months. Set the time range you want the email to be sent, and can even exclude certain days of the week.

When you are done, click the save button, and the first email for the sequence is ready. Next, repeat the above steps for all emails in this sequence.

Plan the delays with each email of a sequence. add additional delays will be from the time the previous email was sent. You don’t want to bombard your customers with multiple emails in one day.