Repost Settings

Statuses will be sent to Hootsuite when:

  • A Reposting Schedule is defined in the Plugin, AND
  • Post(s) meet the criteria for reposting (for example, Posts were published between 30 and 90 days ago), AND
  • Post(s) have one or more status(es) defined under the Repost action.

    Repost statuses are best for automatically reviving (reposting) old Posts that you’re not likely to update the content of very often, yet you still want to periodically share the Posts automatically on social media.

If you want to automatically and immediately schedule status messages when you Publish and/or Update a Post, Use the Publish and/or Update Actions in the Status Settings options instead, or as well as the Repost Action.

Reposting Schedule

By default, repost are sent to Hootsuite every day at midnight.

You can change the day(s) and time(s) to repost – for example, you can define a repost schedule that runs 4 times every weekday.

Choose Setting from the Social Media drop down menu in the Admin Screen. Then  choose settings. 

When the window appears, click the Repost Settings on the left of the window.

Use the dropdown menu under each day to choose a time, or leave it as “Don’t Repost.”

If you want multiple repost times during the same day, press Add Repost Time, and a new blank timeline will appear and you can set additional times.

To delete a Repost Time row, click on delete at the far right of the row.  

Criteria for Reposting

It is not enough to just define the Repost Schedule on the General tab. You must ALSO click on each Post Type, choosing whether to enable it for Reposting. If you do not, no statuses will be sent to Hootsuite.

You will need to define the criteria for each type of post. If you do not want a specific type of content to repost, then sext the Max Posts to 0.

Max Posts: The maximum number of Posts that will be sent to Hootsuite. This is for each day and time specified in the Repost Schedule.
Minimum Interval between Reposting: The minimum number of days that must pass before a previously reposted Post is eligible to be reposted again. The higher the number, the less likely the same Post will appear on Hootsuite and social media.
Minimum Posts Age: The minimum age a Post must be from today to be eligible for Reposting. Zero means no minimum.
Maximum Posts Age: The maximum age a Post must be from today to be eligible for Reposting. Zero means no maximum.
Repost Order: When Posts are selected based on the above criteria, determines the order in which to go through each Post.

Repeat the process for each post type, entering 0 in the Max Posts field if you don’t want that type of content to repost.