Social Media Log Settings

The log shows the result of each status message sent to Hootsuite through the Publish, Update, Repost and Bulk Publish actions.

Most of the time you won’t need to do anything with these Logs – however, they’re useful to confirm if there was an attempt to send a status to Hootsuite, and whether the status was accepted.

Hover over Social Media in the menu bar at the top of your admin screen, and select Settings to bring up your Social Media settings window. 

Enable Logging

If enabled, for each Post, the Plugin will log whether statuses were sent to Hootsuite, and if so the result.

Display on Posts

If enabled, this displays Post-specific Logs on each Post when editing a Post, Page or Custom Post Type in the Logs section under Social Media

Log Level

The Log Level defines which log results to save to the Log database. This is useful if you only want to log specific results, such as success and error messages.

  • Success: When enabled, statuses that are successfully added to Hootsuite will be added to the log.
  • Tests: When enabled, statuses that are sent using Test Mode will be added to the log.
  • Pending: When enabled, statuses that are due to be sent will be added to the log.
  • Warnings: When enabled, log entries are added when status settings result in no statuses being sent to Hootsuite
    This is useful to help diagnose why a status is not sending to Hootsuite when you expect it to – for example, you might have Status Conditions enabled, or did not enable the specific action (Publish, Update etc)
  • Errors: Errors returned from Hootsuite when attempting to add a status will be added to the log.
    This option is always enabled.

Preserve Logs

Preserve Logs defines the number of days to preserve logs for before they are automatically purged (deleted) from the log database table. The default time is 30 days, but you can adjust it as you need.

If the value is zero or blank, logs are kept indefinitely and never automatically deleted.