Text to Image Settings

When a Status’ image setting is set to either Use Text to Image, Linked to Post or Use Text to Image, Not Linked to Post, your social media plugin will generate an image based on the text supplied for that specific status, and use that image instead of a Featured Image.

To define global color styles, text styles and per-profile options for these images, in you admin screen, hover over Social Media and then select Settings from the drop down menu.  

When the screen loads, click Text to Image.

The following settings are applied to all images generated from the Text to Image specified on a status.

Text Font

Choose from either a Plugin-supplied font by selecting a font from the drop down menu, or your own TTF font by selecting the Custom Font option.

Included Font

Custom Font

Click the Add/Replace Custom Font button

Upload the TTF font to your Media Library, and/or select the existing TTF font from your Media Library

The font will be displayed. To remove the font, click the Remove Custom Font button. 

Text Size

Defines the size of the text to display on the image. A recommended value of 50px is provided.

Text Color

Defines the text color. Click the Select Color button and either input the hex color or select one from the color picker.

Text Background Color

If specified, the text will have a background applied to it. This is different to the entire image’s Background Color and Background Image options below, which apply to the whole image.

Background Color

Defines the background color for the entire image. This can be overridden by a background image, if one is specified for the Social Media Profile.

Background Image

For each Social Media Profile, an option is displayed to define a Background Image. Where defined, this image will be used when a status has Text to Image enabled, and the status is for the given Social Media Profile.

Because the status’ Text to Image text will be centered on the image, you can have an image with a logo as a background for your text.