View Social Media Logs

To view the Logs, choose Logs from the Social Media drop down menu at the top of the admin Screen.

A table will be displayed, showing all status activity, ordered by when a status was submitted to post, newest to oldest:

Understanding Log Entries

Post ID: The Post ID the Log Entry refers to. Request Sent: When the status was sent from the Plugin to Hootsuite Action: The Post Action that triggered this status (Publish, Update, Repost, Bulk Publish) Profile: The Social Media Profile the status message is for Status Text: The Status Text of the status message Result: The result from sending the status to Hootsuite:
  • Success: The status was added to Hootsuite successfully.
  • Test: The status would be added to Hootsuite successfully, but the WP-CLI command for Reposting or Bulk Publishing used the –test_mode flag. No status was added to Hootsuite.
  • Warning: No status was added to Hootsuite because the Post or Plugin settings don’t provide any status(es) to add to Hootsuite. This can be due to Status Conditions, or a particular Post Type not having statuses enabled. This is not an error, and typically by design based on how each individual site owner configures their Plugin.
  • Error: The status was not added to Hootsuite. The Response field will provide more information on the issue.
Response: The response from either the Plugin or Hootsuite, depending on the Result:
  • Success: A message from Hootsuite confirming that the status was added.
  • Test
  • Warning
  • Error
Hootsuite: Status Created At: (Only when Result = Success). When the status was added to Hootsuite. Hootsuite: Status Scheduled For: (Only when Result = Success). When the status is scheduled to be sent by Hootsuite to the Profile.

If you’ve configured multiple statuses, or enabled statuses to be sent to multiple social media profiles, you will see individual log entries for each status and social media profile combination

Delete Log Entries

To delete one or more log entries, click the checkbox beside each lof entry in the table. Under bulk actions, select Delete. To clear all log entries, click the Clear Log button.