Understanding UTM Parameters

When using CRM, a powerful email marketing tool for the Red OnX platform, incorporating UTM parameters into your email campaigns allows you to meticulously track the effectiveness of your emails in driving traffic and conversions on your website. Here’s a breakdown of how you can use UTM parameters with CRM for your email campaigns: Understanding […]

Setting up a Campaign

Once your list(s) is made and you have contacts, it’s time to create an email campaign. You can create email campaigns to send your marketing messages to the subscribers who have given you permission to send them emails. You can automatically send the emails at once or at a scheduled time. This is as easy […]

Import Contacts to CRM

If you already have a list of contacts or customer information from other applications, you can import them into your Red OnX CRM. The most common way to do this is through a CSV file. Most CRM apps will let you export your contacts to CSV, and you can use that file to easily upload […]

How to Use Conditional Content Blocks to Personalize Emails

Email Marketing now comes with another amazing feature! You can personalize emails by using Conditional Content Blocks. These are great when you need to send specific details to a certain group of customers within your list. You only need to create one with information relevant to each of your customers. To apply this feature, first […]

Goal/Trigger Blocks

These are the goals/triggers that you want your customer to do. You can track these steps to change their status. For example, From your campaign emails, you can set up the goal so if a user clicks a link or purchases something a certain action will be taken. The action can be adding them into […]

Funnel Action Blocks

Actions blocks are tasks that you want to fire from your side for the target contacts within a funnel. Email Marketing has several action blocks: Wait X Days/Hours Wait defined timespan before executing the next action. Apply List Add this contact to the selected lists. Apply Tag Add this contact to the selected Tags. Remove […]

Email Templates

An email template is a pre-designed and/or prewritten email that can be used to quickly and easily write and create new emails. To create an email template, click on CRM in the left menu of your website dashboard. In the next screen,  hover over Emails, and choose Email Templates from the dropdown menu. Then click […]

Creating an email sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to specific contacts (subscribers) when they opt in, purchase something, performed other activities. With Email Marketing you can use the sequential emails as a stand alone, or when creating a Funnel. You should know the basics of creating an email template. To create an email […]

Creating Automated Emails

Automating your email marketing means you can automatically send emails based on individual customer behavior. It is a marketing funnel to convert your leads into customers and customers into brand advocates. Related article: Automated email marketing explained. Before you start, you will need to have or create any lists and/or tags you are planning to […]

Creating Condition Based Branches in Email Automation (Funnels)

Using conditional blocks can make your automated emails very powerful. You are able to gather data and create a personalized experience based on the recipients past and current behavior. They can be as complex or simple as you like. When a conditional is used, it provides a YES or NO result that will determine the […]