The look of your website does not matter nearly as much as the marketing strategy that goes into it.


The best marketing strategies and campaigns are built on a solid structure that showcases your marketing story and engages audiences. This is our starting point with all of our clients. We work with you to create the framework that tells your individual marketing story in a way that resonates with your customers. 

Impacting Value

If you want to resonate with people, you must be crystal clear in your marketing story, how you offer it and who you offer it to. Our first step with all of our clients, is to get absolute clarity on the value you offer. That gives us the framework of understanding your individual marketing story and why that will resonate with your audience. 

Audience Engagement

Marketing is not about sales, it is about engagement and dialogue. That conversation needs to match your individual marketing story to your audience’s needs. We have found the best results come from engagement and conversation that meets your audience where they are. 

Your Website is the hub of your Marketing Efforts

The truth is, most websites fail because they focus too much on design and not enough on the customer journey. We have found through years of experience that the look of your website does not matter nearly as much as the marketing strategy that goes into your website. A good-looking site is worthless if it cannot convert your visitors into sales. According to the American Marketing Association and Microsoft, if you can’t capture the attention of a visitor within ten seconds, they are more likely to go to another site that will. We use great design as a tool to increase customer engagement, but it is only one of the many tools used to engage your customers in your marketing story.


Now that you have a great website that converts, you will need to tell your story to the world. People are looking for clear value, and you have just ten seconds to get their attention. It’s crucial that everything is planned and designed to make your marketing story the star of the story all in your communications, online and offline. Red OnX creates beautiful and engaging customer experiences that get you results and grow your business. Wherever your customers are.