It's not just what you do. It's where and how you do it.


Marketing is like lasagna, lots of layers and flavors that alone, maybe aren’t so special, but put them together in a certain way and it’s magic. A custom marketing campaign is like that. You don’t make lasagna by putting only noodles in a pan, and you don’t create engaging and memorable marketing experiences on just one platform. And you have to know your audience, where they are going to be, and what they want. You wouldn’t serve a meat filled lasagna to a vegetarian, would you?

That’s why Red OnX doesn’t specialize in just one marketing channel or technique.

We are not a social media marketing company. Social media it is just one of the many ingredients we use when needed. And sometimes, social media isn’t a good fit for the business or customers. Forcing certain platforms or techniques can lead to expensive marketing that fails.

The truth is, not every single customer is going to see your social media posts or every ad a company creates.

That’s why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach in marketing. Instead, we create dynamic and robust marketing campaigns using the perfect mix for both your business and your customers. This maximizes your time, resources and marketing spend.

We often hear from businesses that tell us they have tried “everything,” or they tell us that “nothing works!”

The most common reasons are:

Successful marketing engages customers in a way that matters to them. We help you have the conversations that move your customers into the zone of trust and satisfaction. 

Custom marketing campaigns are designed to get you to your goals. They give you and us the flexibility to make changes to react to customer and market behavior. There are always going to be marketing efforts that just don’t work. We expect that, and that is why we create flexible marketing campaigns and continually monitor performance against goals and tweak or replace weak elements.

According to the American Marketing Association, a Havard study, and Microsoft you have less than 10 seconds to get someone's attention. In ten seconds, they will decide to stay engaged with your business, or go somewhere else. And then the ten seconds starts all over again.
The rule of seven, by marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant says that a potential customer must "see/hear" about a product at a minimum of 7 times within an 18-month period before they take action to a product or service.
It's widely accepted that the average person sees 5000 ads per day. If that person lives in an urban area, that number will be much higher.
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  • Nobody can promise you success. If they do, run. 
  • It’s almost never going to be 100% right out of the gate. It will require tweaking and fine-tuning. 
  • There is no single “right way” to do marketing. The right way, is whatever works for your customers.
  • Your customer is going to ask “why should I ______ with you?” several times. You must have the answer that matters to them. 
  • Focusing on just the functional elements of your product or business is not enough. You need to connect on social and emotional levels as well. 
  • Nobody is looking for a monologue, they are looking for conversation. 

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