Marketing Structure Workshop

Never start marketing until you have clarity on who you are talking to, what you are saying, and why.

The Value Proposition and Marketing workshops create the foundation for all marketing communications, both online and off. The goal is to define what sets your company apart from the competition. This will first be done by defining the value proposition and then using that information to create a marketing plan that will communicate uniquely with four different target audiences. 


The Red OnX Marketing Structure workshops are private you and any key people in your business. They are a simple way to understand your customers and what matters to them. They often discover hidden or new elements of your value proposition, uncover valuable customer insights, and reinvigorate your marketing story marketing message. The insights from the workshops guide the creation of unique, original, and compelling messaging that lets your customers know why they need your products and services. That “why” is what we call your individual marketing story.

If your business is already established, these workshops are a great way to discover hidden or new elements of your value proposition, uncover valuable customer insights, and reinvigorate your marketing message.

If you are not getting the results you want, you probably aren't delivering the value your customers are looking for


The Marketing Workshop is designed to save you time and money by developing the three most essential elements to your marketing efforts. Without these, you would be better off playing chess while blindfolded. We use the outcomes of the workshop to help us build a site that has a high conversion opportunity from launch.
The closer you are to a marketing message that resonates with your target audience when your site launches, the less time and money you will waste making these large adjustments later.


business model

The Business Model Canvas ensures you can deliver on your value proposition by having the critical elements in place and understanding your revenue and costs. 

value proposition

Your Value Proposition defines the value you are providing for your customers. It defines the “fit” between what your customers want and the value your provide. 

marketing plan

The Marketing Plan Matrix translates that value proposition into a conversation that engages your customers.

The Report

Within five business days after the workshops have all been completed, you will be e-mailed an overview of your workshops, summarizing each of the key points in the value proposition, text examples for each of the target audiences identified during the Marketing Plan Workshop, with targeted messaging and calls to action. We also include recommendations for next steps, potential problem areas, and advice on conducting market research. 

"Social media and other marketing channels don't matter until you have clarity on who you are talking to, what you are saying, and why."

Robb Selander, Co-Founder Red OnX

New Businesses

Our Marketing Structure Workshops help you get to market faster and with impact. We use proven methodologies to help you do three core things:

Many businesses spend weeks on just one of these areas. We can get through it all in four to six hours.

Established Businesses

Our Marketing Structure Workshops can breathe life back into your brand and get your once excited customers to reengage. We do this through:

We don’t take weeks, we can do it all for you in a matter of hours.

Business Model Canvas – Approximately 30 minutes

Part of the Value Proposition Workshop

Workshop Overview

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) methodology is used by companies such as Microsoft, 3M, and Mastercard. The nine-building blocks of the BMC are a unique way to map out everything from a new idea to an entire company quickly and without a large investment.

The BMC is also useful in identifying new revenue streams, introducing new technologies, or any other changes. Potential impacts, needs, and dependencies are identified in a single business snapshot.

The Nine Building Blocks
  • Value Proposition
  • Customer
  • Channels
  • Relationship
  • Revenue streams
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Partnerships
  • Cost Structures

Value Proposition Canvas – Approximately 1.5 hours

Workshop Overview

We use the Value Proposition Canvas to get insights about your target audiences and then help match what your business is offering with your customer’s wants and needs. At Red OnX, we break away from traditional segmentation and focus instead on the customer Jobs-To-Be-Done, an idea pioneered by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen. We have found it is a far more effective way to create value propositions that resonate with customers.

We also investigate customers’ pains and desired gains. We then map those against the products and services your company offers, the pains you address, and how you might surprise them with something unexpected.

So, What is a Job-To-Be-Done?

It is the often ignored reason that is really driving customers. Let’s take the example of fitness gyms. Many gyms talk about getting fit. But why would someone want to get fit? Maybe their Job-To-Be-Done is to be able to hike up a mountain during their next vacation. Perhaps it is to have the energy to keep up with the grandkids. Maybe they want the old high school flame to see what they missed. Do they want to fit into their jeans from five years ago? When talking to customers about their Job-To-Be-Done, it is easier to connect and resonate with them.

If you are looking for a competitive advantage, our value proposition process can also dissect how your competitors deliver value and find ways to set your business apart.

Marketing Plan – Approximately 2 hours

Workshop Overview

The Marketing Plan Matrix (MPM) is the workshop where everything comes together and gets transformed into your marketing message. Using the Jobs-to-be-Done from your Unique Value Proposition, we identify four key target audiences and create a unique message for each of them.

We explore the role you play in your customer’s life, why your customers will love you instead of your competitor, and make sure your messaging aligns with and communicates your company and brand values. 

Why Do You Need Four Audiences?

Using the previous gym example, each of those people are looking to hear something that resonates with them. Someone looking to hike up a mountain will probably not be as interested in messaging about weight loss as much as they would be interested in increased stamina, cardio, and endurance training. And vice versa. Someone who is very self-conscious about their body may also be looking for a less intimidating experience.

"When people see themselves in your messaging and then see you as part of the solution, they are far more likely to engage and try or even buy your products and services.."

Robb Selander, Co-Founder Red OnX

We designed our workshops in a way that they all interact with and contribute to each other. The workshops are private for you and you key people only. They take place on Zoom and are broken into two sections with at least 48 hours in between. The first workshop covers the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition. The second workshop is devoted to the Marketing Plan. 

Due to the time commitment, we do not schedule workshops before they have been purchased, and the first workshop can take place within three business days. The second workshop must be at least 48 and no longer than five business days following the first workshop. 

Marketing Structure Workshops