Types of Contact Status

There are five types of Contact status in Email Marketing. The status will be changed automatically based on the customer’s response, or also you can change them manually if needed.


Someone who has interacted or signed up but hasn’t acted on your opt-in email. This is the default status of an audience. All pending audiences get an opt-in email to confirm their subscription. This is required by GDPR policy and is also very useful to avoid spamming.


Someone who has opted in from your lead source and has also confirmed the opt-in via the email you sent.


Someone who was opted in to receive your email marketing messages, but is currently opted out.


An email is marked as bounced if the opt-in email has not received by the recipient’s mail server and returned to the original sender. A bounced email means that your mail has not been delivered, this happens if the email address is invalid.


If an opt-in email is received by the recipient’s mail server but the email delivery is rejected by the server’s API.