Abandoned Cart Recovery

An abandoned cart is one where a customer has placed items in their cart but did not complete the entire checkout experience. Abandoned cart recovery lets you remind or even incentivize customers to finish their purchases. You can only recover orders from known customers – Customers who have logged in or who have entered their email address. You cannot recover a cart from a guest or unknown customer.

In the top menu bar, go to Web Store and then click Cart Abandonment Recovery. That will bring up your Cart Abandonment Recovery overview, where you can see:

Recoverable orders – Orders that have been abandoned but can potentially be recovered.
Recovered Orders – The orders that you have recovered with the specified time period.
Lost Orders – Orders that have not been recovered and have passed the recovery date.
Recoverable Revenue – Total revenue available to be recovered within a specified time period.
Recovered Revenue – The total revenue recovered within the specified time period.
Recovery Rate – Total percentage of recovered orders after abandonment.

Below the overview, you can see recoverable, recovered, and lost orders per customer.

View the abandoned order

Click on the row of the order you wish to open. Then click “view” on the bottom left. That will open up the abandoned order window where you can see all the order details.

Follow-up recovery emails

At the top of the screen, under where it says Web Store Abandonment Cart Recovery, click button for “follow-up emails”

Three pre-made emails you can use. You can also edit them, or create your own. To activate the email, click the “Activate Template now” button on the top left of the screen. 

You can adjust the time delay if needed.

You can have one email reminder, or multiple that get sent at a later date or time. 


For abandoned cart recovery to work, you need to make sure it is activated in the settings. You can also make other adjustments as needed.