Marketing Funnel – The Loyalty Stage


Congrats! You have guided and helped your customer move through the process. They started at awareness, then moved through consideration, purchased your product in the conversion stage, and now it is time for loyalty. Not only do you want to keep your customer, you want them to become brand enthusiasts who tell their friends and […]

Marketing Funnel – The Awareness Stage

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At this stage, a potential customer may not know anything about you at all. Or maybe they know about you but don’t think of you as a solution or answer to what they need. Your customer has a specific need or pain point they want to solve. Perhaps they went on Google, thinking about buying […]

Marketing Funnel – The Consideration Stage

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At this stage, you have potential customers that are aware of the brand and the value it provides, but they probably need more time to be ready to buy. What’s next? You need to build interest in your product or service. That’s the goal of the consideration stage. The potential customer knows little about your […]

Marketing Funnel – The Conversion Stage

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Think of conversion as the process of getting a potential customer to take the desired action. This could be to make a purchase, sign up for a consultation, or even register as a volunteer. We’re going to focus on online purchases. This should be an easy process. Related Article: Introduction to the marketing funnel But […]

Introduction to the marketing funnel

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A marketing funnel may sound complicated, but it is simply a framework for the customer journey. It shows the process of taking people unfamiliar with your products or services and ultimately converting them into paying customers and brand enthusiasts. Marketing funnels help businesses accomplish their goals. Goals can be new customers, profit, revenue, or something […]

Interruption and Permission Marketing

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You know what it’s like… You’re watching an excellent or exciting movie on TV, and in the middle of a great scene, “SURPRISE” –a commercial break. If you’re anything like me, you find it incredibly annoying. You are immediately pulled out of the story. That commercial break is a form of interruption marketing. This article […]

When it comes to your website software, should you do it yourself?

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When building a website, most of us have a pretty good idea of what we want it to look like and the type of content that it will contain. But then what? Any business website needs to “do something.” From lead capture to sales to personalized content, your website will need some software to make […]

Ten things you need to know about hacking

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We hear stories about hacking all the time. For anyone with a website, hacking is a scary thought. But few truly understand what hacking is, why it happens, and the consequences beyond the inconvenience of a down site. Hacking attempts happen all the time. This article explains ten things you need to understand about hacking […]

Ten Tips For Growing Your Business

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1 – Expand on what you already offer Whether you sell products or services, there’s almost always the opportunity to add something more. That’s great, because its usually easier up upsell or cross sell existing customers than getting new ones. More products and services also means you will appeal to more people. How to expand […]

Talk to an Accountant

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Tax structures, laws, and requirements can be complicated and confusing, and each business structure has its own requirements and limitations. We recommend you speak with an accountant who understands a new business’s needs. You will want to get information and make choices, including:   Accounting software – Quickbooks, Wave, etc. Tax structure – Which is […]