How to Use Conditional Content Blocks to Personalize Emails

Email Marketing now comes with another amazing feature! You can personalize emails by using Conditional Content Blocks. These are great when you need to send specific details to a certain group of customers within your list. You only need to create one with information relevant to each of your customers.

To apply this feature, first create an email template. For information on how to create or use an existing email template, learn about it here.

Once you have created or opened the email template you want to use content for everyone in the email body. If content is meant for a specific group, click on Add Block and select the Conditional Section block.

In this example, the Conditional Block is being used for products. There are two products, but only one will be shown to the recipient, based on their tags. You can adjust how the Product Block looks in the right-hand panel.

NOTE: The yellow background in the Conditional Block is only for the editor and to highlight conditional content. The yellow will not appear in the sent email.
When you click on the yellow Conditional Block background, it opens the Conditional Block settings. Choose the targeted tag and one of the following from the Condition Type menu:

Show IF in selected tag – The conditional content will show only if the contact has that tag.

Show IF not in selected tag – The conditional content will only show if the contact does NOT have that tag.

After you’re done setting up your email template, make sure to click the Save Template button. Now, when you go to the Email Campaigns and click on the campaign of your targeted audience. And when you select a particular email recipient, you’ll see that only the details specified to them will be visible in that email. Look at the example given below to get a better idea.